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       Does your dog sit and stay for longer then a few seconds, or not at all? Does Fido jump on all your guests? Does your dog come when he’s called? Or maybe Fido takes you for a pull down the street instead of a nice walk right next to you.                                                                                    If all or just some of these things are true and you would like some help, please join us for a basic six-week obedience class in Positive Reinforcement/Clicker


                                             Where:  Training at FIDO (accross the street from us)

             When: Call 313-204-6154 for more info
           What is Positive Reinforcement Training?

It is learning something very pleasant or rewarding will happen immediately after a behavior. Pat Miller writes in her book, “The Power of Positive Reinforcement Training”, “All living things repeat behaviors that are rewarding and avoid behaviors that are not”. 

           Positive Reinforcement Training works by reinforcing the good behaviors that your dog already knows, like sitting and lying down. By rewarding these behaviors, dogs will want to offer them more. How do you make your dog(s) unwanted behaviors go away? By rewarding behaviors you want and ignoring and/or preventing the ones you don’t.   It is that simple. I’ll teach you how to train your dog in a fun, rewarding way, for both of you and your dog. Your dog will love you for it!